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Kiss me like my lips are air and you can’t breathe


Matt Moore

This series of mosaic mandalas was created entirely with elements foraged on the mountain and in the valley : River pebbles and stones, shale, red rocks from the high elevations, dead branches from aspen trees, bark from evergreens, cattails from the lake’s edge, dried wild grasses from yesteryear, and cut dead branches exposing the rings of the tree’s life



Australian news everyone


how to kiss a boy

  1. grab his waist
  2. slip your hand in his pocket
  3. steal his wallet
  4. dont even kiss him
  5. just run


Someone did it. Someone finally portrayed me perfectly in a single 6 second video.

whatsagarb Asked:
do you ship troyler

My answer:


we are a restaurant  


you know when you try to keep yourself from sounding disappointed and then your voice does the wobbly thing and fuCK

Im an 18 year old girl from Michigan, I love Marvel, and pizza. Favorite superhuman is Thor, and my cosplays a will be starting soon!

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